About Bella

Bella is an important team member of Laguna Pest Control. She joined the team as a 6 month old puppy and has been working in the office for over 4 years. Research has proven that having a dog in the office can improve staff well being and productivity. Having Bella in the office helps lower our stress levels, heart rate, blood pressure and helps making us feel less lonely. We notice that people are more friendly and approachable when Bella is around. Taking Bella for a walk to the toilet gives the office staff regular breaks, to help keep them focused and productive but, more importantly, healthy. Having her in the office to play with, even just for five minutes gives our mind the break it needs to recharge and perk up for the tasks ahead. Bella’s role in the business is to help retain our staff, even though she tends to sleep most of the day. As general morale and workplace happiness will be kept up and stress levels are lowered, staff are naturally more likely to stay. The Laguna Pest Control Team love having Bella on board. 

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