About Peter

Since joining us in May 2019, Peter has become the ‘Dave Hughes’ comedian of the Laguna Pest Control team. Peter loves meeting new people, and one of his strongest skills is chatting and getting along with our customers. Whilst Peter gained his pest control licence back in 2006, he took a break from the industry to gain experience in weed control. However, it wasn’t long before Peter felt drawn to get back into pest control. Despite having this previous experience and skills, there is no doubt that Peter wants to keep learning about all things creepy crawly. Peter says he’s hit the jackpot with being able to work alongside Jay and his wealthy knowledge of pests. He’s excited to expand his own knowledge of insect biology to gain a better understanding and become more involved in the pest industry. Peter takes a lot of pride in his work and is always open to new ideas and opinions to increase his work value. In his free time, Peter is a strong family man that enjoys fishing and camping. He is also an advocate for volunteering for the Rural Fire Service.

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