Black Ant Treatment

Ants are our specialty! The bigger the problem the better!

A lot of “pesties” won’t or can’t treat ants, that’s because they treat them the same as they do spiders! Ants aren’t spiders, as I mentioned earlier ants are highly social. That means for every ant you directly spray there’s many more to replace them and if you don’t control the nest they’ll just build back up again.

Fortunately pest managers now have some excellent products available to us. Previously most insecticides were repellant to social insects such as ants, now however, products such as Termidor, are non-repellant and ants that track across treated areas pick up tiny amounts of the chemical and transfer it to other ants in the colony and cause a “domino effect” and eventually destroy the nest. Baiting is also an added option for ant control and pest managers now have some excellent ant bait available to them.

The key to baiting ants is correct identification and knowledge of the ant species to determine which, is the best bait type to use. As I have mentioned some ants prefer sugar based foods and others oil based foods. That’s why it’s important to only engage a pest manager that is competent in ant identification such as Laguna Pest Control. If baiting is to be an option it’s important that you don’t spray any active ant trails as baiting ants is a numbers game, the more ants the quicker control. Simply placing ant bait out and hoping ants will find it doesn’t always work.

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