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Cockroaches are possibly the most successful animals on this planet. They have possibly exploited every form of environment there is of which some unfortunately have become very successful scavengers cohabitating with humans and thier dwellings.

In fact cockroaches have a very high pest status due to their ability to carry human diseases and wide distributions. Their wide distribution is facilitated by their nature to occupy any crack or crevice and be transported by planes , trains, and ships.

Cockroaches undergo incomplete metamorphis thus nymphs are smaller versions of the adults. Eggs developed in the female are encapsulated in a purse –shaped egg case called an ootheca. An ootheca can contain between 12 and 40 eggs , dependant on species and adult age. Females are often seen with the egg case but will either drop or glue it to a surface just prior to or months before hatching. The nymphal stage involves several moults. which may take 2-4 months in smaller species or up to 12 or more months for larger species. The adult lifespan may then vary from a few months to over a year dependant on the species.

Cockroaches eat virtually any human or animal food or beverage and any dead animal or vegetable material. These may include leather, cardboard, fabrics, hair, glue, wallpaper glue, and starchy bindings in books.

Cockroaches are mostly nocturnal creatures which hide during the day and become active soon after the onset of darkness, seeking food. Night inspections can often reveal some surprising findings, with often larger infestations than initially thought. Cockroaches observed during the day, is often indicative of a severe infestation. Cockroaches display a gregarious behaviour with immature and mature cockroaches often congregate and rest together. This is facilitated by an aggregation pheromone found on the cuticle and in the faeces.

As well as their role in the transmission of diseases to humans , cockroaches have other reasons for their pest status. Cockroaches may contaminate food products, utensils and various areas with droppings, caste skins, empty egg cases, dead cockroaches, and vomit marks on surfaces. Many people are scared by the sight of cockroaches, possibly due to their fast, unpredictable movements and their ability to run up vertically smooth surfaces. In severe infestations, cockroaches can cause an unpleasant odour, due to secretions from the mouth and cuticle. Cockroaches have also been implicated in allergic reactions and a trigger for an asthma attack in asthmatics.

But above all the single greatest reason is that is likely that cockroaches are responsible for much transmission of human diseases-perhaps most commonly intestinal- type diseases such as salmonella (food poisoning). Other diseases may include gastroenteritis, dysentry, tuberculosis, hepatitis, typhoid fever and many other human disorders.

The three most common pest cockroach species on the Sunshine Coast are the American, Australian and the German cockroach.

What you can do.

Thorough housekeeping is possibly the biggest action you can take against a cockroach infestation. This not only reduces their available food resources but helps you detect their activity earlier. The sealing of possible harbourage areas such as loose tiles, stainless steel splashbacks and other cracks and crevices can also help. Storing all your foodstuffs in airtight containers can prevent contamination.”Bunnings” products used around the external perimeter of your house will stop some of those that can fly and walking in. A much more effective preventative measure is to have an annual general pest treatment by us. Unfortunately once you have a significant cockroach infestation no amount of housekeeping will get rid of these cockroaches. And it’s time to engage the help of your local pest manager such as Laguna Pest Control!

What we can do.

Getting rid of cockroaches is easy for us now given the safe and effective products we now have access to. A general pest treatment by us which includes cockroaches will target those areas that cockroaches like to frequent, roof and subfloor voids, whitegoods, internal skirtings and kitchen cupboards. Gone are the days of having to empty your cupboards so we can safely treat inside. Today’s gel based cockroach baits are extremely effective and eliminate the need to empty cupboards. Once all those likely activity areas are treated, we then create a continuous residual barrier around the outside of your house to prevent more cockroaches coming in.

What to expect after the treatment.

To be cockroach free of course, but not straight away! Sometimes immediately after the treatment you will see cockroaches walking around a bit groggy which have been flushed out. This will soon steadily slow down to a halt. How long this takes depends on the size of the initial infestation. Even for quite some time after the treatment you may see the occasional dead or dying cockroach, especially on the outside. This is a good sign it means the treatment is still working. However as with all our general pest treatments we offer a 6 month free service period, so at any stage during this time you are not happy with the results, then we will come back and retreat at no charge!

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