Dear Strata Manager,

It is in your customers best interest you need to ask yourself the following questions about who you contract.                                                                                            

Is your pest company ABMA Accredited (Australian Building Management Accreditation)
Does your pest manager have public liability insurance for 20 million dollars?
Does your pest manager include ants in their treatment warranty?
Is your pest manager BSA( Building Services Authority) licensed?
Is your pest manager licensed to perform termite treatments?
Is your pest manager a TAFE teacher for pest management?
Does your pest manager have a Bachelor of Science in entomology?
Does your pest manager have a current police check?
And most importantly do you trust your pest manager?
Unfortunately the pest control industry isn’t very well regulated and a lot of “pesties’ aren’t properly licensed, experienced or insured.
So if you answered “no” or “I don’t think so” to any of the above questions then perhaps you should be using…
Laguna Pest Control!


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