Termite Management Systems

There are many termite management options, all have positives and negatives.

We at Laguna Pest Control can discuss each of these in detail with you and put together a termite management plan that best suits you and your home.

A major component of a termite management plan is a termite management system. Laguna pest control is accredited to install a range of both physical and chemical management systems. A termite management system is your best investment against termite attack. A termite monitoring and baiting system can be an alternative where a barrier is not practical. However “baiting” systems do not directly protect your house against termite attack therefore a continuous barrier should always be your first choice especially with the effectiveness and low toxicity of today’s chemicals. Laguna Pest Control can discuss the positives and negatives of both barrier and baiting systems with you.

Laguna Pest Control specialise in:

Chemical Termite Management Systems, Sentricon Always Active Termite Baiting Systems, Exterra Termite Interception Baiting Systems.

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