Termite Inspections

Termite Inspection – 3 Month Assurance Warranty 

If active termites are found in your home within 3 months of our inspection, Laguna Pest Control will eradicate the termites FREE OF CHARGE. Laguna Pest Control is dedicated in protecting your home and giving you peace of mind.


Laguna pest control can perform inspections to your home and surrounds in accordance with the Australian Standards 3660.2-2000 and 4349.3-1998.

These inspections not only detect whether or not live termites can be found, but also evidence of previous infestations and treatments, identify high risk areas, areas where termite activity may be concealed, moisture issues, ventilation issues, drainage issues, as well as evidence of other timber pests such as borers and fungal decay (woodrot).The idea behind annual termite inspections is not only to attempt to detect termite activity before any significant damage is caused but also to educate you about termites and identify things you can do to reduce the risk of termite attack. Once this inspection is completed options for a termite management plan may be discussed if required. There are many termite management options, all have positives and negatives. We at Laguna Pest Control can discuss each of these in detail with you and put together a termite management plan that best suits you and your home.

What you can do

First and foremost have your licensed pest manager perform thorough inspections on your home and surrounds at least every 12 months.

Keep all subfloor areas clean, dry and well ventilated where possible.

Fix up leaking plumbing eg; downpipes, gutters and taps, and ensure that there is good drainage around the house.

Do not build up soil, mulch or garden beds against the house.

Do not store timber or wood –based materials under or against the house.

If you find termites in your home please do not disturb them any further. Termites have a habit of retreating if disturbed enough, only to reenter at another point of the house. And the more termites your termite manager can get product on, the quicker and greater chance of getting control of the entire termite colony regardless of where it is. So contact your termite manager as soon as possible.

Do your homework and ask questions before engaging a termite manager. Not all pest controllers are qualified or experienced enough to treat and inspect for termites. Laguna pest control is not only more than qualified and experienced to treat and inspect for termites, we teach other pest controllers to gain their qualifications and experience. 


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